I'm a Freelance Digital Artist based in Frankfurt, Germany.
With over 15 years of experience I am specialized in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics for commercials, brand-films, music videos, feature films and event communication.

I am passionate about creating images of the highest standards for Full CG Productions or the seamless integration between CGI and Live-Action Footage.

Martin Pajak

Freelance Digital Artist - 2D / 3D Generalist


  • Graduation:   Master of Arts (Time-Based Media)
                            Bachelor of Arts (Time-Based Media)
                            Conception and Design in Time-Based
                            and Interactive Media

  • University:     HS Mainz - University of Applied Sciences

  • Residence:    Frankfurt, Germany (FFM)
                            I work mostly remotely,
    but may be
                            available to work on site, worldwide.

I cover a wide range of services like the creation of photo-real content, 3D Production and Post-Production, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Matte Painting, Matchmoving, Video- and Photo-Retouching, Rotoscopy, Video Editing, Color Grading and the production of all kinds of assets and digital content, also for Realtime, VR Projects or Games.

Besides my graphical work, I'm a passionate Sound and Music-Producer, as well as Analog Photographer, which often helps me approach my daily, visual work,
from a different perspective.


Need a Freelance Artist or help with your project? Feel free to contact me.

Frankfurt/Germany based but available worldwide.

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